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Roomies, Best friends, and GLOW BOSSES!

Meet our Elon Glow Bosses, Elinor & Lilli!

Elinor: (Left)

From: Baltimore , Maryland 

Age: 19

Major: Strategic Communications with a minor in business administration 

3 words to describe me: Adventurous, Determined , optimistic 

GLOWBOSS means to me: Glow boss means so much to me because it promotes healthy skin care. My grandmother had skin cancer and I believe it’s super important to take care  of our skin. 

Worst sunburn memory: I was vacationing in Belize and I think I might of gotten a little bit of Vaseline from my lip balm onto my face and it completely burned. It looked like I had a brown birthmark on my cheek and it was there for every photo. Now that it’s gone I’m glad I won’t ever have to worry and make myself stay in the sun to get color. 

Why I spray: I love seeing  the girls faces when they obsess over their tan and that they don’t have to go outside and lay in the sun to get the color they wanted. I love the tans because they last long, they don’t smell, and the  color looks amazing.

How I felt about getting the job: I was so excited not only do I get to make money from tanning people but I get to work with my best friend. It was really surreal and I’m so happy I get to have a job that’s fun to be apart of.

My favorite part about being a Glow Boss: is being apart of a company that is killing it. I love that Carly went to Charleston and created this company herself I think it’s great that it’s expanding so fast. I love being able to spray tan people and make them happy 

What to expect from me: getting a tan from me should be totally stress free. I want to give you the perfect tan so that you look amazing and confident while going to school! 

Meet Lilli! (Right)

From: Baltimore, Maryland  Age: 20 Major: Elementary Education with a minor in business  3 words to describe you: -Friendly  -Motivated -Upbeat Glow boss means to me: I am a really big advocate for promoting healthy skin! I love that Glow Boss promotes healthy skin by offering men and women a healthier choice to tanning. When I was in high school, my town experienced a death of a friend who passed away due to melanoma from the use of tanning beds. This was very alarming to me because I know a lot of people who do tan in beds. I wouldn’t want anyone to risk their lives when they have a healthier way of tanning. Worst sun tanning experience: My worst sun tanning experience would have to be when I got a sun burn not only all over my body but on my upper lip after the first day of vacation. The sun burn was so bad that it started to blister and peel which made it look like I had a mustache or something. My makeup couldn’t even cover it up! I was too embarrassed to even leave my room the next morning. I had to stay under the cover of towels and umbrellas for the next few days. Not ideal when you’re vacationing on a beach  Why you spray tan: I spray tan because number one, its healthier and retains your youthful appearance for much longer. Number two, its instant. Number three, in my opinion it lasts longer. And number four, it’s the biggest confidence boost!  How you felt when you got the job: I was super excited!!! I remember last year, my best friend told me about this amazing spray tan that she got (it looked amazing and so real I couldn’t believe it). Then towards the end of the school year, she told me they were hiring! I researched Glow Boss a little more and loved their mission. I just knew I had to get involved!  What’s your fav part about being a glow boss: My favorite part about being a glow boss is the gratification that comes with working for a company that’s doing so well. The amazing responses I get from costumers not only after I spray them but the next week when they find out how long it lasts. I also get to work with my best friend    What to expect when getting a tan with you? When getting a spray tan with me you can expect a fun and laid-back experience. You will definitely want to come back to get another one!

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