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Meet Selina, from health & fitness training to spray tanning, she does it all!

From: I am originally from Bedford Ma, then moved to Andover, MA, then moved to Pembroke, MA, now I live in Marshfield, MA!! Age: 22 years old Major: Early Childhood Education Certification, Psychology B.A. – Minor in Special Education 3 words: Genuine, Confident, Organized Glow boss means to me: Being a Glow Boss, to me, means that you are a strong, confident, and independent woman who aims to empower other women by making them feel beautiful! Worst sun tanning experience: I worked in a tanning salon for a while, and constantly used tanning beds. One time, I didn’t know that the medicine I was taking would react to sun exposure and I had to get out of the tanning bed because I was tingling and felt super itchy. When I got out I was bright red, and for the next three days my skin peeled off, I had bumps all over me, and I broke out everywhere. Why I spray tan: I spray tan because I’ve had both of my parents and many other people in my life suffer from various types of cancer, and I recently realized that your health is the most important thing. Spray tanning gives you a natural glow without making your skin get old and wrinkly, and you can customize your tan – something the sun doesn’t offer! How I felt when I got the job: When I got the job at Glow Boss I was so excited! I remember my initial phone call with Carly and when I got off the phone I knew I HAD to work for Glow Boss. The company aligns with the ideals of my own personal business and I couldn’t think of a better fit for me. I am so happy to be able to help women reach a level of confidence by giving them a nice summertime glow! My favorite part about being a Glow Boss: My favorite part of working at Glow Boss is meeting new people, putting myself into new situations and gaining life experience. Being a mobile spray tanner offers so much freedom and I couldn’t imagine going back to working in a salon. What to expect from your Glow Boss tan with me: If you’re booking a tan with me, expect a super fun appointment! I love listening to happy and upbeat music, chit-chatting, and I will always tell it to you straight! If you ask me my opinion on your tan, I will be honest – I want you to look your best! However, it’s your body. I will always let you make the final decision because the most important thing for me is to ensure that you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy!

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