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Meet Hunter, our Glow Boss who went from the ultimate summer side job to spray tanning celebs!

Where are you from? Lexington, Kentucky

Age: 21

Your major: Business Administration & Hospitality & Tourism!

3 words to describe you: Energetic, ambitious, & fun!

What does being a Glow Boss mean to you?: An awesome, fun job that I can take on the go with me almost anywhere and know that my customers will always be happy!

What’s your worst sun tanning experience? Once I fell asleep on the beach and my brother put sunscreen on my back in the shape of a sun and I burnt everywhere else :(

Why do you spray tan? I know the sun is so bad for you and I went to a derm appointment and they told me I have too much skin damage for a 21 year old.

How did you feel when you got the job at Glow Boss? SO excited and happy I was going to be glowing all summer!

What's your favorite part about being a Glow Boss? Making my own hours, for sure! Makes it so easy to manage my other 2 jobs and summer classes!

What we should expect when we get a tan from Glow Boss Hunter? I will ALWAYS tell you what color I think will be best and ALWAYS offer that second coat!

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