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My favorite anti-aging products!

The best cure for wrinkles and sun damage is to PREVENT them before they happen! I have always been obsessed with my skin and will do almost anything to keep it young and looking its best! I was definitely, at one point, a product junkie but now, I have finally narrowed it down to the basics and I have never seen results like this! Here are my favorite anti-aging products!

Step 1: Exfoliate! This is my favorite exfoliating product to use 1-2 times a week! It's PERFECT for prepping for a spray tan, makes your skin feel so soft, and doesn't cause breakouts (I have extremely sensitive skin). Make sure that you wet your face first and then apply the scrub! You can purchase it here for $67! It also has an anti-aging formula in it ;) Since you only use it 1-2 times a week it lasts forever!

Step 2-4: After your skin is fresh, clean and exfoliated, (2) apply the Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum! This serum was voted one of the best vitamin C serums offered because it has a more stable source of nutrients and wont irritate your skin like other serums (coming from the queen of sensitive skin). You can buy it here for $33.99!

MY FAVORITE PART (3): Massage the serum into your face with a Jade Roller (pictured below). The Jade Roller is my new best friend. Learn why here! You can purchase the Jade Roller here for $30!

(4) The KEY to keeping your skin young is moisturizer which is why it is so important that you have the best one. I am obsessed with my new deep wrinkle Derma-E Deep Wrinkle Moisturizer! It brighten and tightens your skin right away and keeps it hydrated all day. I apply in the morning and at night! I can't even begin to explain how obsessed I am with it! I bought mine at Whole Foods because I had trouble finding it online! It is truly life saving and worth every penny!

Step 5: After prepping my face for the day, my net favorite product is my eye cream! I wake up with a lot of puffiness and this does the damn trick! SkinCeuticals A.G.e Eye Complex cream literally saves my life on a daily basis. You can buy yours here for $89.99. It is truly worth every penny and has lasted me almost a year!

Step 6: Finishing touches! This hands down is my favorite product. RETINOL IS BAE. The best product in the world to prevent aging, however it is very heavy and harsh on the skin at first, so ease into it with this Vi Derm Complete Care serum! It contains a lower level of Retinol and preps your skin for when it's ready to take on pure Retinol. *Stay out of the sun* when using this product as you burn easier than before! You can buy this product here for $90! *IMPORTANT INFO: they have different serums for different skin types so read the green label before purchasing to match which skin type works best for you!

Step 7: The last step but definitely the most important! This is the perfect product for days when you don't want to wear makeup but want to have a glow! This Elta MD tinted moisturizer adds color to your skin while protecting it at the same time with SPF 46! You can wear it under your makeup too! I never leave the house without it. Also, if you are purchasing step 6, you NEED to protect your skin from burning with this product! It's the best and you can purchase it here for $34.50!

Follow these easy steps to maintain your youth and keep your skin glowing and healthy forever! If you have any other questions about these products feel free to email me at :)

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