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Meet our newest Glow Boss, Lauren!

Where are you from? San Diego, Ca

Age: 20

Your major: Communication and Marketing

3 words to describe you: Motivated, Positive, Outgoing

What does being a Glow Boss mean to you?: Being someone who is hardworking and passionate in making people feel confident and happy. A Glow Boss has a tenacious work-ethic, works in diverse environments and has a strong goal to improve beauty and health.

What’s your worst sun tanning experience? I was at the Mango Deck all day in Cabo drinking away and dancing and next thing I knew I couldn’t even walk because I was so fried and couldn’t even dance or wear clothes at night cause I couldn’t move so everytime something touched me in the clubs I started screaming

Why do you spray tan? I love the golden glow look and it makes me feel so much more confident. Especially I love it on my face because I don’t have to wear much makeup. I have tried every other spray tan place and there is literally NO solution like Glow Boss. I didn’t know that there was such thing as a spray tan that came off perfectly (doesn’t leave any marks), it’s so dry and I can go right out after. Also, doesn’t smell if anything smells good so these are all the reasons why I Glow Boss.

How did you feel when you got the job at Glow Boss? SO excited and confident that Carly would be the most perfect boss. The reason that I went through with it was cause I felt like Carly was a best friend. I was so excited and proud when I got the job I immediately called all of my friends and family because I had so many ideas and collabs that I wanted to start ASAP.

What's your favorite part about being a Glow Boss? Making my own schedule and learning so much about nutrition, beauty and health. Glow Boss is the most flexible thing ever and I cannot even wait for the school year to start so that every second I’m not in school, I am able to spray whoever whenever I want! Also, having the solution of course because my dad hasn’t been so happy about me wasting 60 dollars a week on stupid tans that don’t even last or look good. But now Glow Boss came into my life

What we should expect when we get a tan from Glow Boss Lauren? I make my tans so exciting and upbeat. I love to play music, bring champagne to groups of girls and make it a “lit” experience. I also make every person that I tan feel so comfortable with their body. I know what it feels like when I’m getting a tan and they aren’t doing enough or in enough spots and I make it so that the girl getting tanned is my boss and can tell me what they do or don’t want!

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Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson
Jul 26, 2018

Love this post & would love to bring the same thing to Iowa State University!!

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