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Meet Katherine! Our Glow Boss with the most tans!

Instagram: @_katherine_p

Where are you from? Philadelphia, PA

Age: 20

Your major: Business Administration

3 words to describe you: Talkative, funny & tan LOL

What does being a Glow Boss mean to you?: Being a Glow Boss means making girls feel confident and of course tan without damaging their skin. So later in life they can be healthy and confident with no wrinkles!

What’s your worst sun tanning experience? My worst tanning experience would have to be when I used tanning oil and my face literally peeled to the point I was embarrassed to go out in public and looked like a crazy person. You can say I definitely learned my lesson.

Why do you spray tan? I spray tan because I love a healthy alternative to sun tanning! And I also love people’s reactions to how amazing they are! Especially Glow Bosses tans, they are so natural and completely safe!

How did you feel when you got the job at Glow Boss? I was so excited when I first got the job! But after working now for Glow Boss for almost a year, it is even better than I had expected!

What's your favorite part about being a Glow Boss? My favorite part is when someone texts me how confident and sexy they feel with their tan!

What we should expect when we get a tan from Glow Boss Katherine? You can expect me to always make you feel comfortable and keep it professional while at the same time making my tans super fun!

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