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How to make your spray STAY!

If you ask me, there's only one con to spray tanning, IT DOESN'T LAST FOREVER! If it did, the world would be a much better place. However, clients always ask me to how to make their tan last for as long a possible! Over the years, I have found several tricks to make your Glow Boss tan last as long as possible!

1. I find that when I sleep on my Glow Boss tan, they are always the darkest! Most companies recommend waiting 4-6 hours to shower, but we suggest crawling into bed and sleeping with you tan ;) Always shower the next morning! Even if your appointment was at 10 am on a Thursday, shower that Friday morning for the ultimate bronzed glow!

2. When you shower for the first time after your Glow Boss tan, just do a quick rinse. This means that you should shave and wash your hair before your appointment with us! That way you can just quickly rinse off when the time comes to shower after your airbrush tan!

3. Lotion. Shall I say anything else? Moisturizing your body is the number one way to keep your tan in tact! Moisturizer that I have found to be the absolute best for keeping my skin hydrated and my tan in tact is the 3-in-1 Everyone Moisturizer from Whole Foods! It's perfect because you can use it on your hands, face, & body!

4. Do NOT get sunburnt! If you get sunburnt, and peel... you're tan will peel right off! So no matter what, use an oil-free sunscreen when you go outside to have a long-lasting, Glow Boss tan!


Glow Boss

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